7.2.1 Meet the Ghanaian Researchers

Course subject(s) 7. Towards Coalition Building

First, you will meet the Ghanaian researchers, Prof Kwasi Appeaning AddoDr. Edem Mahu and Dr. Barnabas Akurigo Amisigo.

Then information on the issue of port development in Tema, Ghana, is supplied so that you can familiarise yourself with the Building with Nature opportunities and the wide range of stakeholders.  The information includes:

  • A video by Meridian Port Services, the international company expanding Tema Port
  • The wider coastal environment of Tema and Building with Nature opportunities
  • Meet the Port and Industry stakeholders
  • Meet the Tema Residents
  • Meet the Fishing Folk
  • Meet the Community Leaders and Planning Authority
  • Meet the Delta Alliance and Strategic Network Partners

Enjoy exploring Tema!

The interview information derives from:

Kothuis, B., Slinger, J. (2018). Voices on sustainable ports in Africa. Stories from Tema Port, Ghana. Delft University Publishers, Delft, Netherlands. ISBN 978 94-6186-945-6. 76pp.

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