7.1.1 Introduction to Topic 5

Course subject(s) 7. Towards Coalition Building

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You now have all the knowledge you need to set about formulating your own strategy for stakeholder engagement in Building with Nature, and this is the focus of Topic 5!

The case of port development in Tema, Ghana, is central to Topic 5. First, you will meet  Prof Kwasi Appeaning Addo and Dr. Edem Mahu from the University of Ghana and Dr. Barnabas Akurigo Amisigo from CSIR. Then you will be introduced to the issue of port development in Tema, the nearest large city to the Volta Delta, and acquire information on potential Building with Nature interventions. Next, you will read interviews from a wide variety of stakeholders from Tema.

You can take a look at the strategy that the project ‘Sustainable Ports in Africa’ took in engaging with stakeholders regarding port development in Tema.

In the end there are 2 inspiring videos:

  • Inspiring Interview – presented by Prof. Tally Palmer and Dr. Athina Copteros
  • Aligning Building with Nature and Environmental Assessment – Port development and planning – presented by Prof. Susan Taljaard.

Enjoy Towards Coalition Building!

The interviews with Tema stakeholders are sourced from:

Kothuis, B., Slinger, J. (2018). Voices on sustainable ports in Africa. Stories from Tema Port, Ghana. Delft University Publishers, Delft, Netherlands. ISBN 978 94-6186-945-6. 76pp.

Cover image of Voices on Sustainable Ports in Africa

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