7. Equations of Motion (Wind)

Course subject(s) 1. Flight Mechanics

In this lecture Dr. Ir. M. Voskuijl first continues his lecture on cruise flight. He starts with the analytic solution for the range of cruise flight, followed about a story about the global flyer which flew around the world. Next the weight breakdown of aircraft is discussed and its effect on range. Of course range is only part of the story, as it is greatly intertwined with the price of fuel and the money earned for a flight, so the economics are discussed.

Then the main topic of the lecture is addressed, deriving the general equations of motion of aircraft including wind. To do so a new set of axis systems is explained, the earth,the body and the air path axis system. To be able to transform between these axis systems, vector notation is used. Accelerations and forces are then explained in these new axis systems, and with these known, the complete set of equations of motion can be written down.
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