5a Introduction: Generating Ideas

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Generating Ideas

We hope you managed to articulate an inspiring design challenge for yourself! And we hope you managed to wrap your head around all the insights and considerations that accumulated in the past weeks to come to that design challenge. We know that defining a design challenge can be hard, so if you have gotten this far, you have made a huge leap! You have now discovered the domain of morning rituals and you have defined a design challenge to give direction to what you are going to improve for your users, how you aim to do that and why you are going to do it in that way.

This week it is time to start with the creative process of generating ideas for your design. You might imagine the process that you go through in this course as a series of phases in which you diverge and converge. For example you first diverged by discovering the design theme and context of use, then you converged to come to a concise design challenge. The illustration below visualizes this pattern of divergence and convergence for the whole course:

Let’s have fun!

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