Duration and associated literature
Hour 1: 22:04
Hour 2: 27:32

Meij, van der, H. & Carroll, J.M. (1995). Principles and heuristics for designing minimalist instruction. Technical Communications, 42(2), 243-261.
Brinkman, W.-P., Buil, V.P., Cullen, R., Gobits, R. and Nes, Van, F.L., (2001) Design and evaluation of online multimedia maintenance manuals, Behaviour and Information Technology, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 47 – 52.

The first lecture the types of manuals are presented: Getting started, tutorial/ learning guide, user guide, reference guide, online help; design steps for manuals. The second lecture will cover a case study: design and evaluation of an online multimedia maintenance manual.

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