Understanding meaning in Design

Course subject(s) 2. Understanding meaning in Design

We hope you enjoyed making the video of your morning ritual. Did you become more aware what you do in the morning after you wake up? Did you reflect on how you experience your own morning ritual? Did you become more aware of certain routines that make your morning ritual work? Or perhaps you found out that certain parts are not working as you would like to. Maybe you have even solved one or two of your daily problems?

You might have concluded that your morning ritual is important to you. Or that you want it to be as efficient as possible so that you can start with the rest of your day. Whatever you found out last lecture about your morning ritual, you have probably given some thought to what your own morning ritual means to you. In the coming lecture, we will dive into the topic of ‘meaning in design’. The video below will introduce you to this subject and the lecturer of this week.


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