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Course subject(s) 0. Welcome to the course Designing Climate-Neutral industry and electricity generation!

Welcome to the course “Designing climate-neutral industry and electricity generation”

This course is designed for the next generation of policymakers, sustainability consultants or professionals and students from other fields who want to introduce themselves to climate change mitigation strategies in the building and transport sectors and apply them to their projects.

The learning material covers a wide variety of topics in the industry and electricity domains, with a focus on the importance of decarbonisation.

What will you learn?

This course provides an overview of the challenges and solutions in two critical areas for climate-neutrality, on which we spend 2 weeks each:

  • Industry – Emissions from industry are a significant contribution to climate change, and we will look at solutions to deal with them both inside and outside the boundaries of industrial plants.
  • Electricity – As more and more energy uses are electrified, climate-neutral electricity becomes more and more important. We focus in particular on how renewable electricity generation can become the backbone of a climate-neutral energy system

How should you use the course materials?

Minimal effort (~4 hours total for the course): Each module is split into several topics, and each topic starts with a five-to-ten-minute video. If you have no more time than this, just watching the video will give you an overview of the key points.

Explore further: We provide additional materials at the end of each week, for you to go further into the topics discussed.


We hope you enjoy the course!


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