1.0.1 Welcome to module 1 of Designing Climate-Neutral industry and electricity generation

Course subject(s) 1. Industrial sources of emissions and mitigation options

What is this module about?

You are now starting the first module of the course. During this module, we will talk about industrial sources of emissions and existing technological options to mitigate them. Together, we will cover different foundational concepts of climate mitigation efforts in the industry sector.


The content of this module is split into six sections:

  1. Introduction to the industrial sector
  2. Gas, solid and liquid waste
  3. Energy and material consumption and CO2 emissions
  4. Heat integration
  5. Renewable resources and technologies
  6. Carbon capture and (utilization or) storage

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes for this module are:

  • Recognise the role of industry as a source of global emissions
  • Use various metrics and methodologies to monitor GHG emissions
  • Identify the different mitigation options inside the boundaries of the industrial plant and how they can contribute towards reducing emissions


We hope you enjoy the start of the course, and best of luck!

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