1.1.1. About the first module of Water Works

Course subject(s) 1. Dip your toes in the water: What are the spatial, social and cultural dimensions of water systems?

A very warm welcome to the first module of Water Works!

Water is at the core of many current societal issues. Some places in the world deal with floods, others with drought and drinking water shortages. Climate change is expected to aggravate these issues through sea level rise or changing rain water problems. Because these topics are so urgent, we sometimes forget that people have lived with water for millennia, and that many of our current spatial, social and cultural practices are a response to water challenges and opportunities of the past.

Water has always been part of our culture. Understanding how water spaces and culture intersect, and how exploring the specific ways in which people have lived with water is a foundation for sustainable development. In Dip your toes in the water we will explore the sometimes surprising importance of water in daily life – and how we, as individuals or groups, have long valued water.

In this module, you will learn about the interconnectedness of water and the ways in which humans have lived with water, developing cities and lifestyles around it, linking culture and nature past, present, and future; the relation between water and individuals and their culture, for instance in stories, arts, songs and literature. This broad understanding of the multifaceted aspects of water in our lives will walk you through in the rest of course.

Good luck and enjoy!

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