1.2.1 What you’ll learn this week

Course subject(s) Module 1. Introduction to Nature Based Metropolitan Solutions

So, what is this module about?

Pressures of climate change, demography and urbanization probably became frequent messages on your social media, in newspapers and news channels. Prior to addressing issues, it is important to clarify our take on the problem field. Therefor, the videos of the first week of this course will focus on generally introducing the problem field and the concept behind nature-based solutions. We will discuss the scope of the problem field and how nature-based solutions are a viable option to address these problems.

This week’s learning objectives are for you to be able to understand, identify and recognize the problem field and its reach and to see how different issues relate to one another. Both in your own environment but also elsewhere in the world. An objective overview and recognition are a crucial starting point to move forward towards change and improvement. In this regard we aim for you to able to describe the importance of nature-based solutions in accomplishing transition.

By the end of this week of the course you will be able to

  • Identify and recognise the problem field
  • Describe the importance of nature-based solutions
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