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Course subject(s) Module 1. The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers: How Will They Change the World?

Video and press release: TU Delft
“Loophole-free Bell test TU Delft crowns 80-years-old debate on nature of reality: Einsteins “spooky action” is real.”
Press release

Video of Leo at TEDx
Leo Kouwenhoven is a professor of physics at TU Delft. His team at the QuTech Lab designs experiments to place electrons in superpositions. Why? Because we need computers that can process information as quickly and efficiently as nature does, using quantum mechanics.

Video of Lieven at TEDx
Quantum theory says that an electron can be in two different places at once. But do you believe this? Does it bother you, and why?

The Quantum Zoo 
There are quite a few known quantum algorithms, and it can be difficult to get an overview of the field. Luckily, Stephen Jordan (at NIST) has assembled a list of brief descriptions for the quantum algorithms which are known so far.

Additional watching
Video How to understand quantum superposition
Video Leo Kouwenhoven on quantum computers
Video on Google and NASA’s quantum artificial intelligence lab
Video How it works: quantum computing

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