1. Responsible Innovation and Applied Ethics – Readings

Course subject(s) 1. Responsible Innovation and Applied Ethics

The readings for this lecture set are:

  • Options for Strengthening Responsible Research and Innovation
    Report of the Expert Group on the State of Art in Europe on Responsible Research and Innovation; (EU,2013). We ask you to read Chapter 1 and Annex 1.

    • Chapter 1 shows that there are many examples in which the outcomes of research has been contested in society, because societal impacts and ethical aspects have not adequately been taken into consideration in the development of innovation.
    • Annex I presents an extended definition of RRI.
  • Responsibility Ascriptions in Technology Development and Engineering: Three Perspectives
    by Neelke Doorn.
    This paper aims at exploring the different approaches to responsibility in order to see which one is most appropriate to apply to engineering projects and new technology development.
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