2.0.1 Introduction and learning objectives

Course subject(s) 2. Organizing the team

The focus this module is on the team effort that is needed to bring a project to a successful end. It shows why teamwork is essential and why it should not be taken for granted. It explains which challenges the project manager faces in developing a group of specialists into a coherent team.

Learning objectives

In this module’s we will spend time on assessing your own capabilities and how these contribute to forming the team and organising the project. The project manager is, in principle, in charge of the selection of the team. But before that can happen the project manager him- or herself has to be selected. This selection will be done preferably on the basis of competencies, experience and skills and will strongly depend on the project context.

The learning objectives for this module are therefore focused on how to successfully work together in a team via

    • self-assessment,
    • forming a diverse team and
    • working in a team.
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