2.1.1 What is module 2 of Energy Supply Systems for Buildings about?

Course subject(s) 2. Heat pumps, cooling machines and geothermy

Hi everyone, and welcome back to module 2!

During this second module the focus will be on heat pumps and chillers. Heat pumps and chillers are one and the same machine; both can produce heat and cold. After having studied the working principle of heat pumps, you will learn more about heat pumps in its heating mode. Some of these heat pumps use the ground as heat source, which will lead us to study diverse geothermal systems. After this we will switch to the cooling mode of heat pumps, the chillers. Finally you will learn more about evaporative cooling and passive cooling, using the ground again or other natural cold sources. And of course we will continue with making estimates of primary energy and CO2 emissions.

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