2.1.2 What you’ll learn

Course subject(s) Module 2. |A| Service design

In the second, third and fourth week of the course we will talk you through three components which are crucial for enabling nature-based solutions. First up is service design. Service design regards the conceiving and producing of a plan that is capable of facilitating nature-based solutions both in the initiation phase and the maintenance after its implementation.

The topic will be discussed in a video and we will highlight an example of successful service design for the making of nature-based solutions in Bologna in Italy. The assignment focuses on the exploration of possibilities of service design in your own municipality or regional government.

The learning objectives are for you to recognize the importance and relation of service design in the making of nature-based solutions. Furthermore, we aim for you to be able to compare different service design models, like the policies in place in your own region in contrast to those introduced by your peers, and finally for you to be able to draft a service design model capable of facilitating nature-based solutions in your geographic location.

By the end of this week of the course you will be able to

  • Recognize the importance and relation of service design to nature-based solutions
  • Compare and draft service design models
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