2.2.1 General Theory

Course subject(s) Module 2 – The Start of the Entrepreneurial Journey

Lecture description

In this first lecture video we will start with examples of famous technology entrepreneurs, from far and from home. We will introduce the journey metaphor and explain different starting points that depend on whether you already have a certain technology or not, and whether you have a customer need or not. We will also discuss the concepts of searching for, creating, and evaluating opportunities. No matter where you start, you will need certain knowledge, skills, and attitudes. We will explore your technical knowledge, social skills, and your personal attitude towards value creation and learning orientation.

The second video in each module is based on interviews with different entrepreneurs. In this module we will be talking to Wim van Hoeve (TideMicrofluids), Constantinos Patinios (N-Chroma) and Henk Arntz (Snocom) who will talk about what they encountered during their journey to start their companies.

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