3.1.1 Introduction to Module 3: Quantum Compiling and Quantum Dots

Course subject(s) Module 3: Quantum Compiling and Quantum Dots

In the previous modules, we have learned all about the mathematical representation of qubit systems, as well as their properties and protocols.

This module is divided in two parts; the first part develops the topic of quantum compiling, and the second part focuses on quantum dots.

The first part of the module covers five text-based sections on quantum compiling, in which many concepts regarding quantum gate sets are explored.

In the second part of the module, Florian Unseld presents some of the possible implementations of qubits in real life, and Menno Veldhorst takes us through the specific implementation of electron spin qubits. After understanding how spin qubits work, Fabio Sebastiano explains how to apply gates on them.

For this module the following topics will be necessary:

You can check the material linked above to refresh your memory or later on during the course if you feel that you need it.

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