3.2.2 Computing the Combined Score (1)

Course subject(s) Module 3. Performance-based weights and the Decision Maker

You learned during the previous video about the combined score of an expert, which takes into account the calibration score as well as the information score


Recall that the information score is the average over the information scores of all calibration questions.

Also, recall the ending discussion of the previous module, about the preference of the calibration score over the information score.

The combined score actually accounts for this preference! You can check it yourselves!  Consider

Expert 1,  for whom the assessments result in a very small calibration score, say 0.0003 and a sufficiently large information score, say 3.5.
Expert 2,  for whom the assessments result a high calibration score, say 0.82 and a small information score, say 0.5.

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