4.0.1 Introduction

Course subject(s) Module 4. Social Aspects

Welcome to module 4 of this course. In this last module with lectures, we will have a closer look at some of the social aspects of electric vehicle policy. To start with, we will explain in more detail how consumers choose to buy a vehicle and which policy implications can be derived from this. Given this behaviour we see how we can incentivise this in a way social welfare is optimised with a special focus on the distributional effects of financial stimulation schemes for EVs and the minimizing of transaction costs.

In lecture three we take a different approach. Due to increased connectivity of electric cars and their possible linkage to the electricity grids, cyber security and privacy issues are becoming more important. We will discuss in which way policy makers can ensure certain boundaries and to which extent users themselves are responsible. In the final lecture we delve into the social benefits of load balancing with electric vehicles and explore why we would like to do so and what potential savings in various areas can be expected.

Time to start with the content and learn about social aspects of EV policy!

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