4.1.1 What you’ll learn

Course subject(s) Module 4. |C| Business model

So, what will this module address?

As you know, in the second, third and fourth module of the course we will talk you through three components which are crucial for enabling nature-based solutions, A service design, B spatial design and C business model and assessment.

The business model and the assessment of nature-based solutions is perhaps one of the most important aspects in determining and proving the success of nature-based solutions in order to facilitate their mainstreaming. This part of the course therefore focuses on how to approach the potential of nature-based solutions and frame them as a business model. This will enable you to identify and conclude all the multiple benefits of nature-based solutions.

Inseparable of the establishment of a business model is the assessment of the proposed nature-based solutions. The second part of this chapter addresses how and with what tools the potential of the interventions based on natural principles can be calculated and assessed so that at the end of this chapter you will also be able to evaluate the multiple benefits of nature-based solutions.

By the end of this module of the course you will be able to

  • Identify and evaluate the multiple benefits of nature-based solutions
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