5.0.1 Introduction and learning objectives

Course subject(s) 5. Contracting


In selecting the appropriate contracting strategy, we should not only focus on the contract. This sounds contradictory, but it is an essential lesson to learn this module. We will introduce the contracting quilt and explain the importance of relational attitudes. Also we discuss the importance of senior management commitment.

By gaining understanding about contracts and claims and via the development of a contracting strategy for your own project, you learn more about the most important tool to govern the relationship with your construction partners. The contracting strategy and approach is an essential part of the project execution plan. The tool that you will learn to apply is the so-called contracting quilt. The contract is an essential element in the relationship with the contractor, but by signing the contract you do not have a relationship yet. You have to invest in building the integrated team of which the contractor is an essential part. The contractor has to be in place on time to be able to contribute efficiently and effectively to the creation and development of the front-end of the project. Contracts and contracting strategies will vary per market sector and industry and will also depend on the context in which the project will be executed.

Learning objectives

By the end of this module, you know how to use a so-called contracting quilt. You also understand the importance of the relationship as such: just signing a contract does not mean there is a trusting relationship between the different parties involved. You know that the contractor is an essential part of an integrated team and that contract considerations as such are part of the project execution plan.

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