5.1.1. About the fifth module of Water Works

Course subject(s) 5. Unchartered waters: How to address these challenges?

Welcome to Module 5 of Water Works!

Tsukubai at Ryoanji temple in Kyoto
Tsukubai at Ryoanji temple by MichaelMaggs, CC BY-SA

In this module you will start to explore strategies and solutions for sustainable management of water systems. You will see responses from experts to solving some of the problems that we discussed last module.

There are many solutions and strategies that are applicable to water systems. In this course, we have focused on systems in space and time and will therefore look at solutions that integrate a waterwork’s heritage and its networks. One approach that connects these two is the internationally accepted approach of UNESCO’s Historic Urban Landscape (HUL). It aims to activate heritage for local sustainable development and bring communities into the preservation of historic sites.

While HUL is a complex approach that is difficult to implement as an individual or organization, it highlights in a comprehensive way the steps and tools that are needed to respond to water challenges. Throughout the course, we have taken you through these various steps to make it clear why such an integrated approach matters.

This module you will explore how HUL can be applied to your own water work to promote sustainable development through integrating water and heritage.

Good luck, and enjoy!

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