5.1.1 Introduction to module 5

Course subject(s) Module 5: Various applications of the quantum computers

In the last two modules we have combined applications of the quantum computer and the quantum internet, because they are closely related. This week we will consider applications of the quantum computer, and next week we look at the quantum internet.

A quantum computer is expected to solve many problems faster. Problems that cannot be solved in a reasonable time on a classical computer might be solvable on a quantum computer. We have seen the probable advantages of that in, for example, quantum chemistry: faster (and better) simulations can bring new medications, materials with special features and quicker diagnosis of illnesses. Chemistry in that sense is easy to understand and therefore it is easier to imagine how that will change the world.

But there are many more fields where it is less obvious how a quantum computer can have an impact. In this module we look at linear equation solving, machine learning and searching.

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