5.2.4. Further reading

Course subject(s) 5. Unchartered waters: How to address these challenges?

Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage: Past, Present and Future, edited by Carola Hein and available open access, showcases a wide range of water systems from around the world as it delves deeper into the goal of this MOOC to connect the fields of water and heritage. The following excerpt is taken from the Introduction:

“This Open Access book, building on research initiated by scholars from the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Global Heritage and Development (CHGD) and ICOMOS Netherlands, presents multidisciplinary research that connects water to heritage. Through twenty-one chapters it explores landscapes, cities, engineering structures and buildings from around the world. It describes how people have actively shaped the course, form and function of water for human settlement and the development of civilizations, establishing socio-economic structures, policies and cultures; a rich world of narratives, laws and practices; and an extensive network of infrastructure, buildings and urban form.”

Read pages 3-9 and 12-15 of the introduction, which we have included in the Readings tab above, or browse the chapters to your heart’s content!

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