5.2.4 General Theory

Course subject(s) Module 5 – The Minimum Viable Product

Mandatory readings

Article ‘Minimum Viable Product and the Importance of Experimentation in Technology Startups’ (2012) by Dobrila Rancic Moogk. Download below.

Non-mandatory readings

E.P. Silva, S., R. D. Calados, M. B. Silva and M. A. Nascimento (2013). ‘Lean Startup applied in Healthcare: A viable methodology for continuous improvement in the development of new products and services’, IFAC Proceedings Volume, 46, pp. 295-299. Download below.

Fagerholm, F., A. Sanchez Guinea, H. Mäenpää and J. Münch (2014). ‘Building blocks for continuous experimentation’, Proceedings of the 1st International workshop on rapid continuous software engineering, pp. 26-35. Download below.

Münch, J., F. Fagerholm, B. Johnson, J. Pirttilahti, J. Torkkel and J. Järvinen (2013). ‘Creating Minimum Viable Products in Academia-Industry Collaborations’, Lean Enterprise Software and Systems Conference, 167, pp. 137-151. Download below.

Rissanen, O. and J. Münch (2015). ‘Continuous Experimentation in the B2B Domain: A Case Study’, Rapid Continuous Software Engineering (RCoSE) conference. Click Here.

How Dropbox Started as a Minimum Viable Product. Click Here.

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