5.2.4 Pairing of programs

Course subject(s) Module 5. Implementation

Pairing of programs

The natural principles operationalized for nature-based solutions have the characteristic that they will change over time. The natural elements implemented are constantly growing which implies that also their performance and the possible uses of the space develop over time.

Examples of the dependency of natural growth can be found in plantation of mangroves as a bio shield for wave reduction to reduce the flood risk for coastal communities in the Philippines. At the moment of reforestation, the performance of the mangroves is not yet optimal. Only after the growth of the canopy and roots will they enhance their function as flood risk protection. Another example can be found in the regeneration of a polluted area towards for instance a park which depends on the capacity of nature to purify and grow.

These dynamics ask for the pairing of programs. Pairing of programs will synchronize the different uses and performances of the nature-based solutions as the natural elements grow. This way the multifunctionality can be optimized and the harvesting of benefits can be set out over time. The pairing of programs can be applied for different timescales. The performance of a nature-based solution changes over the years as nature grows but also with the seasons. The usage of space can vary between weekdays and weekends and even within a day can the multifunctionality of space be seen in different uses.

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