6.1.1 What you’ll learn

Course subject(s) Module 6. Upscaling and wrapping up

Welcome to the last module of the course!

We hope you have understood by now that ‘all bits help’ and that even a ‘nature-based solution’ in your little backyard can contribute to solving large scale problems. For the mainstreaming of nature-based solutions we use these smaller elements and place them in a network connecting green and blue through the urban environment. This step is what we refer to as upscaling.

In this part of the course we will explain to you the importance and benefits of upscaling and eventually we will let you upscale the work you have delivered throughout this course. At the end of this part of the course you will be able to link strategies of district and urban design, urban and regional design or regional and territorial design in order to develop a network.

By the end of this module of the course you will be able to

  • Assemble links between design on smaller and larger scales
  • Create an urban green/blue network
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