7.2.5 Meet Some Tema Residents

Course subject(s) 7. Towards Coalition Building

Here you will meet a wide range of residents of the wider Tema area. These include:

    • Mr Solomon Tetteh, an opinion leader in Tema New Town.  Tema New Town represents the area where the original inhabitants of Tema were resettled when Tema Port was constructed in the 1960’s;
    • Mr Edem Agortey, a taxi driver who lives in Tema church village with his family;
    • Mrs Faustina Afrah Yeboah,  who works in port logistics and lives in the city of Tema;
    • Mr Christopher Afedzi and Mrs Monica Afedzi run a hotel in Tema, near the upper reaches of the Sakumono Lagoon;  and
    • Mr John Nyahe tells us all about the situation of the secondary school in Sakumono Village, a fishing village located to the west of the Sakumono Lagoon.
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