7.2.6 Meet the Fishing Folk

Course subject(s) 7. Towards Coalition Building

Here you will meet a range of people involved in fishing and related work. They include:

    • Mr Justice Atla and Mr Peter Mesah, who fish by canoe and bring their fish into Tema Fishing Harbour to be sold;
    • Mr Francis Hukporti, who fishes for crabs in Sakumono Lagoon;
    • Mrs Faustina Nomo and Mrs Juliet Adam who sell fish in the Tema Fishing Harbour;  and
    • Mr Emmanuel Obulu and Mr Derrick Acquah who are involved in chandling and transportation in the Tema Fishing Harbour.

To learn about the dependence of teh Sakumono Village on fishing and the implications of the harbour expansion for this village, you can consult the interview with the Community Leaders of Sakumono Village (see 7.2.7).

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