7.2.7 Community Leaders and City Planning Authority

Course subject(s) 7. Towards Coalition Building

Here you can learn about the challenges facing the communities of Sakumono Village and Tema Church Village and the issues faced by the Tema city planners by meeting:
    • Mr Nene Mantey, Mr Nene Akpaglik, Mr Moses Teye, Mr John Tettehocansey Maklalo, Mr Richmond Sogbaton, Mr Doglas Amatey Sogbaton and Mr John Nyamedji the community leaders of Sakumono Village;
    • Mr Philip Seshie of the Community Committee for Tema Church Village; and
    • Mrs Francisca Okyere and Mr Ali Amadu of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly who are responsible for spatial planning in the city of Tema.

It is important to realise that Ghana, in common with many African countries, has a dual governance system. This means that traditional community leadership arising from tribal lines is respected in addition to the governance structures determined spatially according to municipal, city, provincial and national lines and organised sectorally through ministeries such as economic affairs, environment, agriculture and so on.

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