8.1.1 Introduction to System Design and Integration

Course subject(s) Module 8. Introduction to PV System Design

Part 5 of this course consists of module 8 and module 9. In the final part of the course  you will obtain the skills to design a PV system of any size and type, ranging from rural stand-alone and local grid systems, to grid-connected and building integrated systems, all the way up to complete power plants.

The section starts, just as a pv system design process, with an analysis of the loads that need to be powered. Load analysis is important to determine the size of your PV system.  You will then learn to calculate the DC and AC yield of your pv system. We will look into the battery modelling and you will learn to execute a performance analysis.

The final section of this course will focus the integration of PV systems. You will learn about the issues related to integrating PV systems in the existing power grid. Finally some financial aspects of PV will be discussed.

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