9.1.1 Introduction

Course subject(s) Module 9 – Call for Action

We have arrived at the last module of the Entrepreneurship for Engineers course.

Business planning is key to better understand your intentions for yourself and your audience (investors, your target customer, your business partner or future employees). However, business planning does not make your start-up fly, on the contrary, planning will keep you from starting. Therefore, in this module, we focus on really starting your business.

Maybe you do not have all the required resources to get started, but the true entrepreneurs in you could argue that it only limits your flexibility to adapt to changes if your primary aim is to collect all the required resources before starting. Hence, to escape this dilemma, we better start based on the main plan and adapt when needed and rely on others to provide the required resources. This module gives you some important information on managing this dilemma and some key advice to produce a video pitch that appeals to the targeted audience.

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