Non-Linear Structural Modeling – Software

Course subject(s) Block 1: Start up and Solution

To facilitate OpenCourseWare students without access to paid software licences, open source alternatives to the software used in this course are presented below. Prior working experience with the software is assumed before starting the assignments.

Matlab and Python

Whenever the course requires you to use Matlab, you can use Python instead to write the required calculation program. Python is an open source programming language managed by the Python Software Foundation. It can be downloaded here for various operating systems. A beginner’s guide and further tutorials can be found on or through this page.

Abaqus and SALOME – Code_Aster

Finite Element Models that are required in some of the exercises in this course can be made in Abaqus. For those that do not have access to this paid software package, SALOMEcombined with Code_Aster is a good open source alternative. Using Code_Aster as the processor and SALOME as the user interface similar models can be generated.

The Code_Aster processor software can be downloaded from this page. If a full package installation is chosen, all-but-one prerequisite programs are included in the package. The aforementioned Python software has to be downloaded separately for Code_Aster to work properly since it is a Python-based software package.

The SALOME interface package can be downloaded at this page. Please note the hardware requirements at the bottom of the download page. The download page also includes a possibility for downloading a tutorial to learn how to work with SALOME.

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