Non-Linear Structural Modeling covers the basics of non-linearities in the Finite Element Method (FEM), considering static and stability (buckling) analyses, and practical application thereof applied to both aerospace and non-aerospace examples. Special emphasis is put on the implementation of these non-linearities in a FEM model and any issues that might arise from incorporating these.

The first part of the course is build up around a series of lectures covering the basics of material non-linearity, geometric non-linearity and contact and how to model these using a FEM package. The second part of the course discusses the modeling of cohesive behavior and cracks by means of several different methods currently applied in industry.
The lectures are followed by a set of computer assignments, designed to enable students to apply the theory discussed in the lecture to a real world problem.

At the end of the course the student will be able to explain the background behind non-linear Finite Element Methods and be able to apply non-linear FEM to practical engineering problems using an open source Finite Element package.

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