Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor Systems Book

Course subject(s) 1. Course Introduction 2. Actors and Networks Analysis 3. Coping with Uncertainties 4. Developing Problem Statement and Storyline 5. Requirements for Quantitative Models and Choice of Modelling Methods.

Reference: Enserink, B., Bots, P., Van Dalen, E., Hermans, L., Kortmann, R., Koppenjan, J., Kwakkel, J., Ruijgh, T., Slinger, J., and Thissen, W. (2022)  Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor Systems (Second Edition). TU Delft Open/Eleven, The Hague. ISBN 978-94-6366-575-9

Policy of Multi-Actor Systems is an introduction into the art of craft of problem exploration and problem structuring. It positions policy analysis as a scientific discipline focused on systems analysis in a multi-actor context to support better informed decision-making. The approach presented in this book is considered to be the cornerstone of the curricula of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology and underlies the research on (the governance of) socio-technical systems. Systems thinking applied in a multi-actor environment and its inherent multi-disciplinary character is what makes this work stand out from traditional hard- and soft systems approaches. The core of the book is dedicated to systems analysis, actor- or stakeholder-analysis and discusses methods for dealing with uncertainty. These analytical activities combined lead to a rich problem description and to plans for further research. Due to the stepwise approach this book serves as a basis for any problem analysis both for our bachelor and master students, our alumni worldwide and any interested practitioners.

Open Access book availble: https://doi.org/10.5074/T.2022.004

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