Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor Systems Book

Course subject(s) 1. Course Introduction 2. Actors and Networks Analysis 3. Coping with Uncertainties 4. Developing Problem Statement and Storyline 5. Requirements for Quantitative Models and Choice of Modelling Methods.

Reference: Enserink, B., Hermans, L., Kwakkel, J., Thissen, W., Koppenjan, J. and Bots, P. (2010)  Policy Analysis of Multi-Actor Systems. Lemma, The Hague. ISBN 978-90-5931-538-9

This book positions policy analysis within the theories on processes of policy making, and focuses on methods and techniques for structuring complex problems. The book takes a systems perspective as its basis. This is complemented by techniques for analysing multi-actor systems, and for dealing with an uncertain future. Analytical results are then interpreted and used for problem formulation. In the last part of the book, the resulting problem formulation is used to diagnose meaningful follow-up activities, including potential in-depth policy analysis research. This book is firmly embedded in problem structuring theory. It also reveals the tricks of the trade, the assumptions underlying practice, the choices that need to be made, and the dilemmas encountered by the analyst.

About the Authors

This book is written by Bert Enserink, Leon Hermans, Jan Kwakkel, Wil Thissen, Joop Koppenjan and Pieter Bots. The authors are involved in teaching problem structuring methods and policy analysis at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology. Their interdisciplinary approach to problem formulation reflects their multi-disciplinary backgrounds, which range from physics, informatics and land-use planning to public administration and the philosophy of technology.

ISBN 978-90-5931-538-9

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