Part 2 of offshore hydromechanics (OE4630) involves the linear theory of calculating 1st order motions of floating structures in waves and all relevant subjects such as the concept of RAOs, response spectra and downtime/workability analysis.

Course Objectives:
Participants who have successfully completed the course will be able to carry out computations at a superior knowledge level involving computations relevant for first order forces on and resulting motions of floating structures.

  • Definitions of ship motions in 6 DOF
  • RAO’s and phase angles of harmonic properties (motions, forces, wave elevations, etc)
  • General motion equation: how to determine all the terms in the equation, how to solve the equation in order to obtain RAOs/phase angles
  • Potential flow due to undisturbed wave
  • Numerical potential flow due to wave radiation and diffraction
  • Combine motion RAOs and derive RAOs of related properties
  • Calculate probability of exceedance
  • Carry out downtime/workability analysis
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