The CubeSat Workshop can only be attended when participating in the course via the Online Learning site. In this workshop groups are made to make a preliminary design of a CubeSat providing real time thermal imaging. The workshop has the following learning objectives and activities:

Learning objectives/outcomes

By the end of this activity, you will be able to:

  • Perform the preliminary design of a CubeSat based on its key requirements.
  • Identify the technology state-of-the-art, the available subsystem options at component level and their physical and technical limitations.
  • Characterize the key performance parameters  of different Cubesat subsystems.

The challenge

Can CubeSats provide real time thermal imaging over highly industrial areas on Earth ?

Learning Activities

  • Collaborate in a group to synthesize the conceptual CubeSat design
  • Develop budgets, system architecture and perform subsystem and component trade-offs
  • Write a concise report
  • Present the conceptual design with the aim to get good feedback and learn from the other groups
  • Critically reflect on the conceptual design
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