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Name E-mail J.J.A. Keiren
Contact Hours / Week x/x/x/x
0/2/0/0 HC 0/4/0/0 instr & lab
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Required for
Embedded Systems Masters
Expected prior knowledge
Masters Embedded Systems (1st Year)
Introduction to Behavioral Specification
Behavioral Equivalences
Behavioral Equivalences
Modal mu-Calculus
Abstract Data Types
Sequential Processes: Theory
Sequential Processes: Reasoning and Examples
Parallel Processes: Theory and Examples
Course Contents
Behavioral Specification
Process Theory (Labelled Transition Systems, various notions of behavioral equivalence)
Process algebra and algebraic reasoning
Model checking
Study Goals
The purpose of this course is to learn how to specify the behavior of embedded systems and to experience the design
of a provably correct system. In this course you will learn how to formally
specify requirements and to prove (or disprove) them on the behaviour. With a practical assignment
you will experience how to apply the techniques in practice.
Education Method
Lectures + Practical Project
The lectures are held in the second quarter after which a written exam (on the theory treated in the lectures) is taken.
Parallel to the theory part, a practical project is done. The project is carried out in groups of 3 to 4 and the result is a verified model of an embedded system together with a comprehensive report on the steps towards to the model.
Literature and Study Materials
The result of this course will be based upon the results of the written examination (50%) and the practical project (50%).
Enrolment / Application
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