The world is becoming increasingly aware of the urgency of resolving the many issues associated with global energy consumption. It also seeks to address the threat of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Dealing with both of these crucial issues will require fundamental innovations effecting the world’s energy landscape.

The generation of energy from sustainable sources will be essential, especially when considering the determination in developed societies to maintain a high standard of living, and the aspirations in developing societies to adopt the energy-intensive lifestyles now prevalent in the developed world.

Securing a sustainable energy future for all

Securing a sustainable energy future implies an energy revolution. A revolution that will require a new generation of specialised engineers and researchers capable of developing, optimising and integrating sustainable energy sources including solar power, wind power and energy from biomass. Research is also required on innovative batteries and the potential to exploit hydrogen as an energy source. New technologies need to be integrated into existing socio-technological networks, and research is required into new forms of energy distribution, new energy market structures and new means of intelligently satisfying the energy needs of complex modern societies.

Energy technology at three universities

TU Delft’s unique MSc Programme in Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) aims to give engineers broad knowledge in the field of energy technology. To achieve this goal a modern, flexible curriculum is offered. The programme is offered by the 3TU Federation, a consortium of the three universities of technology in the Netherlands: Delft University of Technology, Eindhoven University of Technology and the University of Twente.

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