Dr. Arno Talmon

Dr ir Talmon (1958) is a Mechanical Engineer (MSc Delft 1984) specialized in industrial fluid mechanics and the behaviour of fluid-solids systems. His PhD study was in Civil Engineering: “Topography of river bends with suspended sediment transport”, Delft 1992. Since 1992 Dr ir Talmon is employed at Delft Hydraulics. Since 1992 Talmon is involved in studies for dredging. Also PhD-students in dredging are coached. In hydrotansport, i.e. transport of solids-fluid-mixtures through pipelines, research is focused on internal flow, friction laws and the dynamics of self-amplifying density waves. Physics in dredging parallels those in soft soil tunneling: specializations in soft soil tunneling are: transport-capacity of drilling fluids, segregation of solids, back fill grouting and mixture forming with slurry- and EPB-shields. On many subjects fluid mechanical properties, Non-Newtonian fluids as well as soil-mechanics are involved. Experimentation is indispensable to the mechanics of concentrated fluid-solids mixtures: i.e. rheological characterization, (scaled) laboratory testing, monitoring on the job. For laboratory testing, the tilting slurry-circuit of the chair of Offshore & Dredging Engineering has been instrumental to many Award-winning research. Guided by modern theories, experimental evidence is sought for fundamental processes being put forward: this concerns frictional properties, but also erosion and sedimentation under hyperconcentrated flow conditions. These processes are at the heart of many industrial dredging process. Also the fundamentals of the troublesome dynamic behavior of hyperconcentrated pipeline transportation systems are expected to be disclosed from internal physics. Dr ir Talmon teaches the MSc-course “Dredge Pumps and Slurry Transport, OE4625”.

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