Prof. dr. Fokko Mulder

Research interests

The focus of my research is the fundamentals as well as practical aspects of energy storage and conversion materials for renewable energy applications. The overall goal is to study materials and methods that can contribute to the large scale implementation of renewable energy storage, and with that can enable large scale introduction of varying renewable energy sources. The materials studied include hydrogen storage materials, battery materials and electrolytes. The fundamental aspects studied include the physical effects of nanostructuring, the reversibility of hydrogen and lithium storage materials, electrochemical reactions, and in general factors that enable efficient and durable functioning of the materials.


  • Renewable Energy, this is a course of the MSc Susainable Energy Technology (MSc SET)
  • Sustainable hydrogen and electrical energy storage, (MSc SET)
  • Sustainable Energy Technology (Minor Electrical Engineering)
  • Project guidance of BSc, MSc students.

Other activities

  • Member of the exam committee of the MSc SET
  • Member of the FP7 Alistore ERI concerning Li-ion batteries
  • Member of EU group to develop a SET-Plan Education and Training Roadmap 2012-
  • Member of EU EEGI Grid+ Energy Storage Mapping group 2013-.
  • NVAO Accreditation committee chairĀ  for a new MSc education, 2011.
  • Director of education of MSc SET (2006-2011).
  • Member scientific advisory committee of European Spallation Source (2000-2003).

Thesis (co-)supervision of PhD students

  • Dr ir Vincent Verhoeven: A fundamental study on materials for Li-ion batteries (2001)
  • Dr ir Marnix Wagemaker: Structure and dynamics of lithium in anatase TiO2 (2003)
  • Dr ir Gijs Schimmel: Towards a hydrogen driven society? (2005)
  • Dr Olga Kruglova: Discotic liquid crystals: from dynamics to conductivity (2007)
  • Dr Sarita Singh: Hydrogen storage in nanostructured light metal hydrides (2009)
  • Dr Wouter Borghols: Lithium insertion in nanostructured titanates (2010)
  • Dr WingKee Chan: Structure and dynamics of hydrogen in nanocomposite solid acids for fuel cell applications (2011)
  • Dr Jie Yang: Hydrogen storage in metal-organic frameworks (2012)
  • Dr Anna Grzech: Hydrogen storage in porous materials and magnesium hydrides (2013)
  • Dr Lucas Haverkate: Charge transport at the nanoscale (2013)


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