Dr. Otto J. Kroesen


Otto Kroesen is Assistant Professor in ethics, intercultural communication and development theory at the Technological University Delft. He also teaches technology, innovation and development at the Technological University of Eindhoven.

His research focuses on the co-development of society, values and technology, especially in view of future strategies for developing countries, both in terms of entrepreneurship and the broader framework of governance. He published on the moral philosophy of Levinas and about society, values and technology related to the sociologist Rosenstock-Huessy, analyzing the cultural embeddedness of technology and the co-development of society and technology in different contexts from a historical and development perspective.

Key publications

  • Kroesen, J.O., Klaassen, R.G., Enserink, B, (2012), The Flowers of Global Citizenship, in Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning, Vol. 13, No. 3, ISSN: 1466-6529, (journal publication, peer-reviewed)
  • Vastbinder, B., Kroesen, J.O., Blom, E., Ortt, R., (2012), Business, but Not As Usual, Entrepreneurship and Development in Low Income Countries, (2012) in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability, Edited by Marcus Wagner, Greenleaf publishers (book chapter, peer-reviewed) 188-214
  • Ndegwah, J.O., Kroesen J.O., The Ethics of Technology, Culture and Environment, in Applied Ethics In Religion and Culture Contextual and Global Challenges, Ed. Jesse N.K. Mugambi and David W. Lutz ISBN: 9966-888-18-7 (book chapter, peer-reviewed)
  • Kassahun Y. Kebede, D. J. Ndegwah, and J. O. Kroesen, Successful Contextual Technology Transfer and Determinants of Culture, in Handbook of Sustainable Engineering, Springer, 2013, Joanne Kauffman and Kun-Mo Lee (Ed.), pp. 895-920
  • Planetary responsibilities: an ethics of timing, Wipf and Stock, Oregon, 2014, 212 pages, www.wipfandstock.com
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