Prof.dr. L.C.M. Itard

Laure Itard is a professor of Building Energy Epidemiology at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. After studying Physics and Thermodynamics in France, Laure worked at Electricité de France before starting with her PhD research on high efficiency wet-compression-resorption heat pumps at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Delft University of Technology, where she got her PhD.

She then worked as a consultant and project leader at the Research & Development department of Deerns Consulting Engineers, a large consultancy firm for energy and indoor climate equipment in buildings where she worked among others at software development for building simulations. In 2004 Laure came back to the Delft University of Technology, were she is currently associate professor at the department OTB-Research for the Built Environment of the faculty of architecture.

Research Interest

  • Thermodynamics
  • Energy policies for the built environment
  • Energie labelling
  • Energy systems (demand, distribution and conversion at building and district level)
  • Life cycle analysis for the built environment
  • Environmental impacts
  • Building simulations
  • Control & Diagnose strategies for energy systems
  • Building physics
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