1.1.1 Introduction to the industrial sector

Course subject(s) 1. Industrial sources of emissions and mitigation options

Welcome to the first video of module 1! In this video, we will consider the contribution of the industry sector on the global GHG emissions and energy use. We will introduce the main mitigation measures available to this sector and finally, we will present our case study, which will be used in later videos of this and next module.

Minor correction: At 3:18 in the video we say the industrial sector is responsible for 35 GT of GHG emissions, this is a mistake, the true value is 15 GT

Key takeaways:

  • The industrial sector provides a significant contribution to global GHG emissions and energy demand
  • There are multiple sources of GHG emissions and different types of emissions in an industrial plant
  • The main mitigation measures available are process integration, electrification, carbon capture and (utilization or) storage, and change of processes and raw materials
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