1.3 Choice Modelling

Course subject(s) 1. Basic concepts

Discrete choice modelling is a generic toolbox that is widely used in both transport and spatial modelling. In this lecture we’ll discuss the underlying concepts, the multinomial logit model, and the nested logit model.

Lecture Data and choice modelling

Use this spreadsheet to explore what happens when a third alternative is introduced which is somewhat correlated with another alternative. Pay attention to the relation between the scale parameters for the choice between nests and the lower nest.

Post-lecture activity

Read sections 7.1 – 7.3 and 7.41 . 7.4.3 of the book.

After studying the lecture slides and these sections of the book, After studying the lecture slides and these sections of the book, you should be able to answer the questions  in the post-lecture exercises. The answers can be downloaded from the same page.

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