1.6.1 In Depth

Course subject(s) Module 1. What is the circular economy?


Each weekly episode is concluded with an in-depth exploration of an aspect of the Circular Economy. This gives us the possibility to address obscure and controversial issues. If you enjoy a deep-dive, followed by an online discussion, please join. The in-depth sessions are fully optional. They’re not graded and will not contribute to the certificate.

The Roots of the Circular Economy

This first in-depth episode explores the roots of the Circular Economy. You may have the idea that the concept of a circular economy is totally new. This is however far from true.

The Circular Economy concept has deep-rooted origins and cannot be traced back to one single date or author. In this in-depth session, we explore some of the schools of thought that contributed to the refinement and development of the Circular Economy concept: Industrial Ecology, Cradle to Cradle, and Biomimicry.

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