12. Pedestrian flow theory by S.P. Hoogendoorn

Course subject(s) 11. Pedestrian flow theory

In this lecture the behavior of crowds and how you can model them will be discussed. Firstly the differences between car traffic and pedestrian traffic will be discussed. In the collegerama recordings pedestrian data collection, flow variables/characteristics, macroscopic flow models and empirical futures of pedestrian flows will be discussed. In the slides microscopic simulation models, like Social Forces, will also be discussed.

The aim of this lecture is that you understand the key differences between pedestrian and vehicular flow and be able to understand and apply concepts of flow, density and speed to pedestrian flows. Another aim of this lecture is that you can interpret and use fundamental diagrams and be able to apply shockwave theory to simple situations. You should also know the key self-organized features in pedestrian flow and understand key features of microscopic pedestrian models and interpret equations.
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