02. Arrival patterns and cumulative curves by V.L. Knoop

Course subject(s) 02. Arrival patterns and cumulative curves

This lecture discusses the arrival process and relating probability distribution functions. The poisson process and distribution, binomial distribution, negative binomial distribution,  Branston’s headway distribution model, cowan’s M3 model and buckley’s composite model and will be explained.  Cumulative curves are discussed and how to calculate delays and queues using these curves is explained.  Also time headway distributions, speed distribution and free speed distribution are discussed. After this lecture you can construct (slanted) fundamental diagrams and use these to calculate delays, travel times, density and flow.


Unfortunately, the original lecture video is no longer available. In consultation with the lecturer the video has been replaced by a recent recording. For the lecture below it is advised to start watching at 8:10 min.

Cumulative curves

Also read chapter 2 and in particular paragraph 2.6 about cumulative vehicle plots and their applications and also read chapter 3 with in particular paragraph 3.1 about arrival processes.

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