3.2.2 Why product life extension?

Course subject(s) Module 3. Longer Lasting Products

The smaller the loop, the greater the profitability of the system.

Dr Conny Bakker of TU Delft explains why product life extension is important in a circular economy.

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  • The smaller the loop, the greater the profitability of the system
  • The two ways to extend the life of a product are (a) keeping a product in use for longer and (b), giving a product a second, third, etc., life.
  • A product’s life can be extended by making it durable, easy to maintain and upgrade, and by making it repairable. Refurbishment and remanufacture also extend a product’s life.
  • Do not repair what is not broken, do not remanufacture something that can be repaired, do not recycle a product that can be remanufactured. Walter Stahel calls this the “Inertia Principle”.
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