4.3.1 Low-carbon power systems

Course subject(s) 4. Towards climate neutral energy systems

In this video we move on from energy efficiency and now look at the role that a variety of low-carbon power systems will play in the energy transition, and again how these developments can be encouraged by policy interventions.

Key takeaways:

  • Low-carbon energy sources include renewables such as wind, solar hydro etc. but also nuclear energy and fossil energy when coupled with carbon capture and storage
  • In the future, electricity is expected to make a much larger contribution to a diverse range of applications such as industrial heating and transport as well as for the production of fuels
  • Wind and solar energy are considered essential energy sources that will likely play a dominant role in the low-carbon transition
  • The adoption of both of these power sources is increasing rapidly due in part to supporting policies such as feed-in tariffs, renewable energy obligations and renewable energy auctions
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